Opinions: October 2023 Term of Court
October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2024

Last updated April 5, 2024

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In re B.M. v. U.S. and Bailey 23-0233/NA (PDF) Apr 3, 2024 xx MJ xx
U.S. v. Palik 23-0206/AF (PDF) Mar 26, 2024 xx MJ xx
U.S. v. Flores 23-0198/AF (PDF) Mar 14, 2024 xx MJ xx
U.S. v. Driskill 23-0066/AF (PDF) Mar 4, 2024 xx MJ xx
U.S. v. Hasan 21-0193/AR (PDF) Mar 4, 2024 xx MJ xx
U.S. v. Ramirez 23-0080/AR (PDF) Feb 29, 2024 xx MJ xx
U.S. v. Brown* 22-0249/CG (PDF) Jan 10, 2024 84 MJ 124
U.S. v. Brown ** 22-0249/CG (vacated) Oct 23, 2023 vacated

* The asterisk indicates that this opinion has been digested into the Opinion Digest Outline.

** Per Petition for Reconsideration Granted order dated 3 Jan 2024, the judgment is vacated for United States v. Brown and a new decision has been issued on 10 January 2024.


Prior to l976, the opinions of the Court and the intermediate courts were published by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company in the Court-Martial Reports (C.M.R.). The 50 C.M.R. volumes are accompanied by a two-volume cumulative citator-index. The opinions of the Court from that era also were bound separately in 23 volumes entitled United States Court of Military Appeals (U.S.C.M.A.).

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