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Supreme Court of the United States:
Supreme Court of the United States
Oyez Oyez Oyez:  A Supreme Court WWW Resource
The LII and Hermes

Other United States Courts of Appeals:
The Federal Court Locator
U.S. Federal Courts Finder

Military Court of Criminal Appeals:
Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals
Army Court of Criminal Appeals
Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals
Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals

Military Documents/News:
Air Force JAG
Air Force Regs/Pamphlets/Instructions
Army JAG (public & restricted access)
Army Regs/Pamphlets/MCM  /  Field Manuals
Coast Guard JAG
Department of Defense
DOD Directives/Instructions/Pubs
DOD - Office of the General Counsel
Joint Service Committee on Military Justice
Marine Corps, SJA to the Commandant
Marine Corps Publications
Military Legal Resources ongoing project between Library of Congress and Army JAG Library -- contains primary sources including UCMJ legislative histories
Navy JAG (must open link w/IE browser in order to view publications)
Navy Issuances/U.S. Navy Regulations
UCMJ Legislative History ongoing project (see Military Legal Resources)

Comprehensive Reference Sites:
Cornell Legal Information Institute
Congress -- federal legislative information
Findlaw -- legal information
General Reference Publications
Georgetown Law Library -- legal research information
GPO -- government publications
Laws and Regulations
federal and state legal general reference information
Library of Congress Military Legal Resources
MCMs, UCMJ, treatises, and more.
Pentagon Library -- military/legal/general -- official guide to U.S. government information and services

The Judge Advocates Association
Federal Bar Association

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