MISCELLANEOUS MATTERS: :Statutes, Treaties, Regulations, Executive Orders, Directives, etc.: State Laws / Statutes

2012(September Term)

United States v. Irizarry, 72 M.J. 100 (under Texas law, an accused can knowingly and voluntarily contract to allow third parties to enter a space where the accused has a reasonable expectation of privacy). 

2011 (September Term)

United States v. Watson, 71 M.J. 54 (when a statute’s language is plain, the sole function of the courts, at least where the disposition required by the text is not absurd, is to enforce it according to its terms). 

United States v. King, 71 M.J. 50 (unless ambiguous, the plain language of a statute will control unless it leads to an absurd result). 

2010 (September Term)

United States v. Phillips, 70 M.J. 161 (in deciphering the meaning of a statute, an appellate court normally applies the common and ordinary understanding of the words in the statute). 


United States v. Phillips, 52 MJ 268 (ordinarily, the existence of a marriage is a question of fact to be decided in accordance with state law; where, however, the issue is whether that marriage is a sham in furtherance of a conspiracy to defraud the government, the validity of the marriage under local law is not determinative).

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